Use Food-Safe Buckets To Store Dry Consumables

Food-safe buckets are often designed to hold multiple gallons of dry consumables. This bucket type is constructed of plastic and can be used independently or with a Mylar bag and oxygen absorber. If you are looking for a long-term storage solution for your survival prepping needs, you can purchase a series of buckets—such as some 5-gallon food-safe buckets—and use them to store emergency food products. Food-Safe Buckets Buckets that are large enough to hold five or more gallons of non-perishable food products are constructed of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) or polypropylene. Read More 

Why You Might Need To Rent A Boiler During The Holiday Season

Rental boilers are available for bigger companies that need them for a short period of time. You might have never had to rent a boiler before, but you might need to rent one at some point during the holiday season. It might not seem like it will be necessary for you to rent a boiler during the holiday season, but you might be more prone to need one during this time for a few reasons. Read More