How The Medical Field Benefits From Custom Plastic Parts Manufacturing

Custom plastic manufacturing tends to deal with industrial applications. Though this does make up the bulk of the industry's needs, there is another field that is a large consumer as well. Medical and health industries use a large amount of plastic, mostly PVC, each year. The need for one-time-use plastics is high in the medical industry and is becoming higher each year. Here are some of the ways the medical field benefits from custom plastic parts and how they use them. 

Single Use Injections  

Single-use injections are one of the leading consumers of custom plastics in the medical industry. These injections are not only used in physician offices, but also in great numbers at hospitals. These injections are meant to reduce the chances of cross-contamination and spreading infection. With mass spreading illnesses, such as COVID and seasonal flu, having an injection that is single use is ideal. The injections use plastic as the carrier device, plumber, and casing. 

Surgical Instruments

Surgical instruments have seen various upgrades over the years. One of the upgrades is to move to a single-use style instrument. In the same way, a single-use injection reduces the spreading of disease, and so does a plastic surgical instrument. A prime example of the need for custom plastic parts manufacturing and surgical instruments is the speculum. Speculums are used daily in OBGYN offices, but also in cases where sexual assault is reported. Plastic surgical instruments are vital in the hospital emergency rooms, surgical rooms, and even with paramedics. In fact, having single-use plastic instruments helps reduce the chances of infection issues that may be higher due to traveling surgery. An example of this would be emergency surgical procedures that must be done in the ambulance during transit to the hospital. 

Lighter Components 

When doctors and nurses use heavy metal equipment, it can fatigue the muscles in the hands and arms. This fatigue can lead to mistakes and even injury over time. Custom plastic parts manufacturing helps develop and create components and medical tools that are lighter. This reduces fatigue on the doctors and nurses while still allowing the top healthcare possible. Examples of lighter components are magnifiers, probes, and even plastic components for breathing machines. 

As the medical field grows and reaches out to more people in need, the custom plastic parts manufacturing industry grows as well. If you are a small medical group in need of specific parts for your patients, contact your area manufacturing contractor. They can discuss your needs, manufacturing options, and delivery dates for your orders. 

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