Why Use Vibratory Tumbling To Polish Batch Parts?

If you manufacture batch parts, then you might find it hard to finish your products quickly. For example, if you need to polish parts at the end of the manufacturing process, then you won't want to waste time working on each part individually.

A vibratory tumbling finishing system could be the answer. What are the benefits of switching to this type of polishing equipment system? 

Polish Multiple Parts Simultaneously

Vibratory finishing systems have a bowl or tub on their tops. These containers enable you to finish multiple parts at the same time.

You pour your parts into the tub which then vibrates. As the parts rub against each other, or against an abrasive medium if you use one, they lose rough edges, burrs, and minor surface defects. They also get an effective finishing polish. So, you can finish and polish a batch run fast and effectively.

Get Versatile Finishing Options

If you produce different sizes and grades of parts and use different materials, then you might currently use multiple finishing systems. If you switch to a vibrating system, then it might be able to manage all your finishing needs.

These systems can polish parts made from various materials including metals and plastics. They can work on a wet or dry basis. Plus, as well as polishing, a vibrating tumbler can also do other useful tasks such as deburring, deflashing, burnishing, and drying. It can even clean up used parts and remove rust from them.

This versatility also has a financial benefit. If you can use one system to finish multiple product lines, then you reduce equipment costs. You also benefit from faster production times if you can polish multiple parts at the same time.

Reduce Damage to Parts

Parts can sometimes get damaged during the finishing process. For example, small parts made from fragile materials or large parts with unusual shapes might get bent or break. Your productivity and wastage costs might increase if you can't find a safe finishing process.

While vibrating systems use fast movements to finish parts, they work gently. They use a tumbling action that protects even fragile parts. You can also program most machines to control the depth and intensity of finish.

So, all your parts will get a consistent and effective polish without any finishing damage. Your run-through success rates will increase and your wastage costs will decrease.

To find out more about vibratory tumbling systems and how they will improve your production processes, contact industrial polishing equipment suppliers.