Top Reasons To Insulate Your Commercial Building With Polyurethane Spray Foam

The quality of the insulation you install in your building has serious ramifications. Although it has many functions, insulation is mainly there to reduce noise pollution and protect the climate in your facility. If you run your operations out of an older building there is a good chance that the insulation has deteriorated to some extent, leaving you with less-than-ideal conditions that need to be changed immediately. Instead of replacing your current insulation with a similar variety, find out why you should switch over to polyurethane spray foam.

Spray Foam Offers Maximum Coverage 

When your building has fiberglass or cellulose insulation, coverage can be a real issue. These forms of insulation are generally manufactured in large, rectangular sheets that are then installed behind the walls. The sheets aren't designed to curve or bend so if you have irregular lines throughout your property, it's very likely that there are places that are almost completely exposed. These bare spots can be problematic because not only do they let in more hot or cold air, but they could also serve as a gaping entrance that invites critters of all kinds to turn your building into their homes!

Commercial-grade spray foam is thin enough to fill in these gaping holes while also being strong enough to fortify the area. Those miniature cracks that are currently susceptible to the elements can be completely filled in with spray foam, a feat that is nearly impossible with other types of insulation. Spray foam gives you a seamless line of insulation that is extremely hard to achieve when using any other method.

Lower Your Energy Expenses With Spray Foam

The extra coverage you'll receive with spray foam has many different benefits. You may begin to notice that the temperature in the edifice is much more agreeable because you no longer have to deal with excessive air leakage. Also, your energy bill could become much lighter as well. Since you won't have such a potent mixture of indoor and outdoor air, your power generator can put in less work. The result is lower energy expenses that are good for both your bottom line and your pockets.

Have an insulation contractor come out to your building for a professional evaluation. Ask them about spray foam to see if it is a valid option based on your location. If it is, make plans to beef up your insulation in a major way with the help of spray foam.