Precautions To Take When Cleaning The Inside Of Oil Casings With Scrapers

On oil sites, casings are accustomed to collecting things like dirt, debris, and scale. They aren't ideal for downhole tools that need to move smoothly along the inside of casings. You can remove these things using casing scrapers, which won't give you trouble if you take these precautions with them. 

Run Scraper Multiple Times

In order to ensure casing scrapers do an effective job at getting rid of things inside an oil casing, you probably want to run it through more than once. Then you can deal with all sorts of residues and particles for a thorough clean you can trust. 

The interior of the casing will be a lot smoother and thus make it easier for you to send downhole tools through without blockage creating issues. You might also check with the casing scraper manufacturer to see if they recommend a certain number of cleaning runs.

Make Sure Blade Springs Remain in Good Condition

A casing scraper is made up of a lot of key elements that are responsible for effectively cleaning the inside of casings. One of the most important is the springs that correspond with the blades.

These springs always need to be in great condition because they enable blades to remain pushed up against the side of the casing as the scraper runs up and down. This direct blade contact is needed to get sublime cleanings. If you notice the springs have lost their strength or are damaged, have the casing scraper repaired by a qualified technician. 

Be Careful When Cleaning

It's recommended to clean a casing scraper each time it's used inside an oil casing. It will have a lot of things on it after all that need to be removed in order for this instrument to continue working great. Just make sure you're careful when cleaning.

This is particularly important regarding the blades. They are sharp and thus deserve your attention. You will be better off power-washing the casing scraper's components to avoid harming yourself. If there are still things on any of the parts, you can go in with a microfiber towel. Just make sure you're gentle to avoid part damage. 

Casing scrapers make it a lot easier to clean inside casings, which has to be done in order to allow downhole tools inside these structures without any issues. If you know what steps to take when using and maintaining said tool, it will never give you trouble. 

To order new inner wall casing scrapers, talk to an equipment supplier in your area.