3 Tips To Preserve Your Diamond Dressing Tools

Diamonds are among the hardest materials on Earth. Tool manufacturers have harnessed the durability of diamonds by coating specialty dressing tools with diamond particles. As such, caring for your diamond dressing tools properly is essential if you want them to withstand the test of time. Use these tips to preserve your tools and ensure their efficiency over time.

1. Keep Tools Clean

Routine cleaning is critical to the longevity of your diamond dressing tools. Each time your diamond tools are used, small pieces of the material you are shaping can become wedged between the diamond particles. These materials build up until they eventually dislodge the surrounding diamond particles. By cleaning your tools often, then, you can preserve the integrity of the diamond treatment and improve the performance of your tools over time.

2. Minimize Vibration

The calibration of your tooling machinery can have a direct impact on the performance of your diamond dressing tools. Once these tools are mounted into your machinery, they are subject to the movements of the machine. Things like excessive vibration can cause damage to the diamond surfaces of your dressing tools. A lot of moving and shaking can loosen diamond particles and create an uneven tooling surface. Since that is the case, be sure that you are minimizing vibrations by keeping your tooling machine properly calibrated at all times.

3. Cool the Core

Another great tip that you can use to preserve your diamond dressing tools is to keep the core of each tool cool while in use. Maintaining a cool core prevents the metal substrate of a diamond tool from developing stress fractures.

Stress fractures can compromise tool performance, reducing the quality of your tooling processes. Always utilize a coolant when you are using your diamond dressing tools. This helps to dispel any heat generated during the tooling process and keeps the ambient temperature of the air surrounding the tool's core low.

Diamond dressing tools have the ability to cut through even the most challenging of materials with ease. You will find that your diamond dressing tools last longer and perform more efficiently when you make it a point to keep each tool's core cool during use.

Any company that completes tooling processes on a regular basis can benefit from the use of diamond dressing tools. If you take the time to care for these tools properly, they will be able to serve as an asset for your company well into the future. Contact a diamond tooling company for more information.