Important Factors To Consider When Shopping For Planetary Mixers

Your construction company's ability to complete projects on time depends in part on what kind of equipment that you use. You need machines that work as quickly as needed and provide you with satisfactory results. When you consider what silicone mixing equipment suppliers make available to you, you need to know what factors to keep in mind. These criteria can help you choose the best planetary mixers to invest in for your construction company.

Bowl Capacity

One of the leading criteria to consider when you shop for planetary mixers involves the capacity of their bowls. You may need mixers that can hold thousands of pounds of material weight. You also may need them to hold gallons of materials without bogging down, tipping over or spilling out their contents. The bowl capacity should also reflect what kinds of materials that you plan to mix in them and how often that you plan on using them. You may need the planetary mixers to be capable of mixing heavy duty materials like concrete and cement, as well as softer materials like foam insulation.

Motor Power and Speed

Another factor to consider is the power and speed of the motor in the planetary mixer. You may need the motor in the mixer to function at a high rate of speed. You may need this fast speed to ensure that there is plenty of material for your crew to work with during the shift.

You also may need the motor to have enough power behind it to mix tough materials like wet sand and concrete. It needs to be able to mix up these materials without breaking the agitators. It also needs to handle mixing without causing its own motor to overheat or stop working.

Finally, when you look for planetary mixers, you need to look for those that come with a variety of agitators. You may need the one that you buy to have more than just a paddle for blending together wet cement or concrete. You also may need agitators that can work up materials into dough-like consistencies or make materials more liquid than solid. 

These factors are some that should come into play when you shop for planetary mixers. You can choose ones that have large enough bowls for mixing up materials for your job sites. You can also choose those with powerful and fast motors and have a variety of agitators.