One, Two, Three! Truck Service Bodies From Basic To Advanced Upgrade

Service trucks help you complete so much work so much faster. If you do not have truck service bodies on your fleet of trucks, then it is time to ask yourself, "Why not?" As the following examples will show, you can make gradual upgrades to your standard work trucks, in three steps, and you can afford it because each new upgrade is available when you can afford it. 

One: The Basic Upgrade

The first upgrade removes the sides of a pickup or heavy duty work truck. Then the bed of the truck is replaced with a gooseneck flatbed body. A very durable flatbed that is wider and slightly longer than the original bed of the truck is welded or bolted onto the truck.

There is a large webbed panel that is secured to the head of the flatbed. The panel protects your truck's rear windows from damage while allowing your drivers to see through the rear windows. You could add an undercarriage box to both sides of this upgrade, or leave as is for now.

Two: The Intermediate Upgrade

When you are ready to move on to the next upgrade on your service trucks, you can add side panels and a lift gate. The panels may be plain, or they may be half-size utility storage boxes, your choice. The side panels and lift gate will allow drivers to haul larger cargo and keep it steady on the truck so that the cargo cannot slide side to side. Unlike the gooseneck upgrade, nothing can slip off the sides or rear of the truck by accident, so you can haul larger items without requiring a lot of tie-down equipment.

Three: The Advanced Upgrade

With this third and final upgrade, you can add multiple stackable and connectable utility boxes to the back of the truck. If you had half-size utility boxes, then you can either leave those on as a base for the new boxes, or you can remove those entirely to add much larger utility storage boxes.

As for the lift gate, you can choose to leave it on or remove that as well. Some of these truck body systems are entirely modular. That means you can pick and choose whatever you want to put on or take off your trucks at any time, and stack them on the truck bed any which way you please. Best of all, every component you purchase with each new upgrade is yours to keep.