Tips For Overcoming Dumpster Odors

Foul odors emanating from your rented dumpster can pose more than just an olfactory problem. Odors can result in complaints to city officials or a code violation, or they may turn off customers so they don't come to your business anymore. The following tips can help you prevent smelly dumpster rentals

Tip #1: Dry It

Liquid leads to odors. Avoid disposing of liquids in the dumpster as much as possible and you will likely have less odor issues. Grease should never be put in a dumpster, for example. If you own a food business that produces a lot of grease, invest in a grease trap. Liquids that are safe to be put down the drain should be disposed of in that manner. If you must put liquid in the dumpster, then place it in a sealed bag or bucket before disposing of it so it doesn't wet the other garbage and cause odors.

Tip #2: Bag It

All garbage is best disposed of bagged. Organic waste is the biggest culprit when it comes to odors, but this isn't just food waste. Paper and cardboard is also organic in nature, which means it can rot or become mildewed when exposed to moisture. By keeping it bagged, moisture is kept out and any lingering odors are sealed away.

Tip #3: Keep a Lid On It

Most dumpsters are fitted with lids, and you may even be legally obligated to keep the lid down for safety reasons. Check the lid daily to make sure it fits tightly and isn't damaged or cracked. This will help keep odors in and it will also keep moisture out. Remember, dry garbage is less likely to smell. Contact your rental company if the lid is broken and they should be able to repair it or replace the dumpster.

Tip #4: Clean It

Sometimes a dumpster seems to absorb odors, so it smells even if it is empty. In this case, you will need to clean out the dumpster. First, check for plugs in the bottom if there aren't visible drainage holes. Remove these plugs to provide drainage. Next, rinse out the dumpster with a power washer and the bleach-based cleanser of your choice. It's generally advisable to do this near a drain and away from landscaping. Finally, rinse with clear water. Allow the dumpster to air dry completely before using it again.

Tip #5: Neutralize It

If the odor is persistent, then consider an odor neutralizer. These usually come as powders that are sprinkled inside of the dumpster. You can find these from janitorial supply companies or your dumpster rental company may provide them for a fee. Just keep in mind that you will need to replace the neutralizer each time the dumpster is emptied.