What Are The Advantages Of Taking Your Car To The Car Wash Instead Of Washing It At Home?

As a car owner, you know that washing your car on a regular basis is good for your vehicle. What you may not know is that getting your car professionally cleaned can produce better results. The following are advantages to taking your car to the car wash instead of washing your car at home in your driveway.

Specially Formulated Cleaning Products

Car washes buy automotive cleaning chemicals for use in their car washes. These cleaning products have been tested and specially formulated for use on cars in car wash settings. They're designed to clean your car, protect the paint, and produce a sparkling, shiny finish that will please car wash customers.

Many people who wash their cars at home use household cleaning products like dish washing liquid. Using the wrong chemical or cleaning product on your car could strip the protective finish on the car's paint, leading to costly repairs over time. Car wash cleaning chemicals are gentler than many household cleaning products, and are thus designed to produce the best results without damaging your car.

Better Cleaning Rags and Brushes

Household cleaning rags, like old terrycloth towels, can leave fibers on the car when the cleaning is finished. In addition, many household scrub brushes are too stiff and therefore not made for use with a car. Using a stiff scrub brush could result in scratches on the car's finish. Car washes use a combination of touchless scrub technology, high pressure water spray and soft, absorbent window-washing cloths to remove dirt and grime without damaging the finish to the car. The results are an unbroken shine on your car's paint and no scratches on your car's finish.

Effective Removal of Difficult Substances

Without the expertise and special cleaning products of a car wash, many car owners who try to remove sticky substances like tar, grease and wax from their car's finish could easily damage the car's paint and remove the protective clear coat. By contrast, car washes see a wide range of customers who have a variety of car cleaning needs. Car washes are prepared to safely clean a variety of tough to remove substances that might become attached to the car's paint while driving or sitting in the driveway.

Taking your vehicle in for cleaning at a car wash is often better for the vehicle and the vehicle's paint job. For more information about the many advantages of having your car professionally cleaned, contact a trusted car wash in your area.

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