Use Food-Safe Buckets To Store Dry Consumables

Food-safe buckets are often designed to hold multiple gallons of dry consumables. This bucket type is constructed of plastic and can be used independently or with a Mylar bag and oxygen absorber. If you are looking for a long-term storage solution for your survival prepping needs, you can purchase a series of buckets—such as some 5-gallon food-safe buckets—and use them to store emergency food products.

Food-Safe Buckets

Buckets that are large enough to hold five or more gallons of non-perishable food products are constructed of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) or polypropylene. These materials are effective at blocking oxygen and sunlight. An industrial bucket is typically stamped with a code that will rest along the bottom of the container. This code will specify the grade of plastic that a bucket is constructed of.

A solid food-safe bucket will contain a lid that can either be screwed or snapped on. Farmers, restaurant owners, and others who store products for a long duration may prefer to use a Mylar bag and oxygen absorber with a bucket. A Mylar bag is made of polyester resin. This material is naturally clear. During the production phase of Mylar products, a coating that is made of a laminate or foil product is added to the polyester resin.

A coated bag will form a barrier that will further protect food products from oxygen and sunlight. If a food-safe bucket is accidentally left open, the Mylar bag will act as a secondary safeguard that will protect food from elements that could affect the quality of food.

Food Storage

Your prepping needs may consist of lining up containers of food in a pantry or another temperature-regulated area. Although food-safe buckets can be safely stored on an indoor floor or shelf, they should not be placed in an area where temperatures tend to fluctuate. A cool, dry area should be selected for storage purposes. However, if food is going to be transported within a short timeframe, filled buckets can be transported in a vehicle or they can be hand-carried. 

Food Selection

Considerations should be made about what types of foods can be stored for several years. Cost variables may also come into play when selecting what products to invest in. Flour, oats, rice, and beans are some dry food products that are relatively inexpensive when purchased in bulk. Food product packaging should be inspected, prior to pouring dry foods inside buckets or a bucket and bag system. Each package will indicate the shelf life for a particular item.