How An Annual Oil Burner Service Can Save You Money

If you use an oil-fueled furnace to heat your home each winter, you likely understand the basics of maintaining it. Changing the filter, keeping oil in the tank, and making sure the pilot light is always lit are simple tasks that every homeowner can accomplish. But keeping your oil-fueled furnace in peak condition requires a more detailed service plan. An annual burner service performed by fuel oil professionals can help you save money in the long run by keeping your system efficient and preventing damage over time. 

A More Efficient System

Fuel oil isn't cheap. At over two dollars per gallon in some states, the cost of heating your home each winter can be surprising. It's important to make sure you use every drop of fuel oil as efficiently as possible, and that simply won't happen if the inner workings of your oil-fueled furnace are covered in dust or slightly misaligned. A fuel oil burner service can restore your furnace's efficiency.

A technician will perform many steps to clean and restore your oil-burning system's efficiency. They will replace the fuel nozzle and flush the fuel line to ensure the fuel oil flows perfectly through the system. They will then clean and adjust the air gate and electrodes to ensure the fuel oil gets just the right amount of air to combust completely and is ignited at the perfect moment. Lastly, the technician will use a kit to test the efficiency of the system. These kits measure temperature, airflow, carbon dioxide levels, and smoke levels to ensure the system is performing optimally.

A Longer-Lasting System

As with any complicated machine, a fuel-oil furnace can have small issues that snowball into large problems if not caught early. A faulty nozzle, for instance, can cause a clog deep in the system. A dirty or blocked flue can lead to smoke escaping back into the furnace, coating many surfaces in a layer of soot that can damage belts over time and clog filters quickly. Faulty electrodes can ignite fuel too late, causing damage to delicate parts of the furnace. 

During an annual burner service, all of these parts will be checked and replaced if necessary. Without a professional's expertise, it can be difficult or impossible to tell if or where there is a small problem with the system, but a professional fuel oil technician will be able to find and resolve these small issues before they snowball into a damaged furnace in need of costly repairs. 

To learn more about burner services, contact fuel oil professionals in your area.